Gwangju Bio R&D Center

Signboard Hanging Ceremony


CERAGEM Medisys Inc. expanded its business in Gwangju, Bio R&D Center with the purpose of manufacturing   the diagnostic reagent R&D system and starting it to mass production.

Last 20th Jun, more than 30 people attended the ceremony of the opening of the Gwanju Bio R&D Center, including Professor Young-kwan Won from Chonnam National University, all the concerned from Gwangju Technopark and Gwang-ju Bio R&D Center and employees of CERAGEM Medisys Inc.

Gwang-ju Bio R&D Center will bring about technological innovation in all of the diagnostic reagents in CERAGEM Medisys Inc. Also they will stimulate market expansion through the manufacturing of reagents, performance improvement and mass production. This will happen with the synergy of our new team in Gwanju in the diagnostic reagent field through this  new challenging sector.


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